Rebooting the Web of Trust

Initial Rebooting the Web of Trust Design Workshop
San Francisco, CA — November 3rd to 4th, 2015

"FinTech applications, regardless of whether they are centralized or decentralized, are putting new demands on WoT and identity by virtue of creating highly profitable targets for attackers. Resisting these attacks requires ecosystem wide code signing

— Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core Developer)

"The web-of-trust that began in Pretty Good Privacy was more than 'pretty good' in 1991 and even in 2001. However, as we approach the 25th anniversary of PGP, it is time to take the lessons we've learned and the new cryptographic technologies we've created to take a fresh look at the problem. I'm looking forward to collaborating to create a new foundation for next 25 years of the web-of-trust."

— Jon Callas (Former CTO PGP, now CTO of Silent Circle/Blackphone)

Christopher Allen
Former CTO Certicom
Co-Author TLS 1.0

Jon Callas
Former CTO of PGP
Now CTO Silent Circle

Greg Maxwell
Bitcoin Core Maintainer
CTO Blockstream

Peter Todd
Bitcoin Core

Greg Slepak
OKTurtles and

Markus Sabadello
Internet Identity

Vitalik Buterin
Founder of Ethereum
and Bitcoin Magazine

F. Randall Farmer
Author of "Building Web
Reputation Systems"

Pieter Wuille
Co-founder at Blockstream
Bitcoin Core Developer

Kiara Robles
Creator of

Juan Benet
Creator of IPFS
Founder of Protocol Labs

Alex Leverington
Core Developer

Tyler Close
Access control thinker
and implementer

Ryan Shea

Muneeb Ali

Drummond Reed
Co-Founder & CTO
Respect Network

Matthew Schutte
Co-Founder at
Collaborative Advantage

Joseph Bonneau
Applied Crypto Group

Jude Nelson
Private Cloud Storage

Michael Folkson
Founder of

Noah Thorp
Citizen Code

Harlan T Wood
Citizen Code
Enlightened Structure

Duke Dorje
Citizen Code
Formerly PGP

Joel Dietz
Citizen Code
Founder of Swarm

Patrick Deegan
CTO of
Personal BlackBox

John Edge
Cofounder & Chairman

Justin Newton
Netki Founder
and CEO

Wayne Thayer
VP of Security Products
at GoDaddy


This facilitated design workshop ("DesignShop"), hosted by Christopher Allen, is focused on the creation of the next generation of decentralized web-of-trust based identity systems. The goal of this event is to generate 5 technical white papers on topics decided by the group that will have the greatest impact on the future, followed by a hackathon early in the new year to implement those ideas.

Topics include: lessons from PGP, progressive trust, hierarchical identity keys, perfect forward secrecy, blockchain identity, thin client security, decentralized e-commerce, self-validating scripts in certificates, unbundling certification from revocation, attribute certificates, linked local names, link contracts, capability security, smartcontract PKI, selective disclosure, multisig+group+ring signatures using Schnorr, reputation and trust metrics.


Anticipated Workshop Outcomes

Intended Audience

This two day event is intended for developers, cryptographers, and research-related staff who are heavily involved in building the current infrastructure of web of trust tools.

Experienced cryptographic, cryptocurrency and identity technology developers are the core of the contributors to this event. Others participants include researchers working in the fields of security and cryptography at large. Additional participants are also welcome to submit a paper in advance of the DesignShop for a possible invite. At a minimum we expect familiarity with cryptographic identity technologies (both traditional PKI such as certificate authorities and web-of-trust technologies like PGP). Open Source content will be the primary source material for this workshop.