The ID 2020 Design Workshop is bringing together leaders in the blockchain and cryptography industries to progress identity technology.


  • Bring together the top contributors in decentralized identity

  • Showcase use cases and requires for decentralized identity and trust

  • Discuss and suggest approaches to drive adoption of these technologies
  • Actions

    Generate technical white papers on topics that will have the greatest impact on the future, and align with the identity needs of the world.


    • Christopher Allen

      Christopher Allen

      Principal Architect at Blockstream
      Board Member at Identity 2020
      Former CTO Certicom and Co-Author TLS 1.0

    • Marta Piekarska

      Marta Piekarska

      Security Architect at Blockstream
      Lead Architect on the Future of Mobile Privacy at Deutsche Telekom

    • Ryan Shea

      Ryan Shea

      Co-founder of Onename
      Co-founder and CEO of Blockstack Lab
      Forbes 30 Under 30

    • Wayne Vaughan

      Wayne Vaughan

      Founder & CEO of Tierion
      Co-Author of the Chainpoint Protocol

    • Juan Benet

      Juan Benet

      Creator of IPFS
      Founder of Protocol Labs

    • Kaliya

      "Identity Woman"
      Kaliya Young

      Co-founder of The Internet Identity Workshop
      Independent advocate for digital identity

Manu Sporny

      Manu Sporny

      Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar
      Founding Board Member of Spec-Ops
      Web Payments, Verifiable Claims, and Credentials at W3C

    • Jason Law

      Jason Law

      Co-founder and Chief Architect, Evernym
      Co-creator of Sovrin Distributed Identity Ledger

    • Justin Newton

      Justin Newton

      Founder and CEO of Netki

    • Susan Ramonat

      Susan Ramonat

      Current Blockchain Program Lead and Prior Chief Risk Officer at SEI Investments

    • Drummond Reed

      Drummond Reed

      CEO, Respect Network
      Co-Chair, OASIS XDI Technical Committee
      Co-Author, Respect Trust Framework

    • Markus Sabadello

      Markus Sabadello

      Founder of Danube Tech
      Development Partner at Respect Network

    • Les Chasen

      Les Chasen

      VP Engineering at Respect Network

    • Dave Crocker

      Dave Crocker

      Principal with Brandenburg InternetWorking
      Board Member at Trusted Domain Project

    • Shaun Conway

      Shaun Conway

      Founder of Consent

    • Mark Seiden

      Mark Seiden

      Security Advisor - Internet Archive
      Director of Security - 1010data
      Member of ICANN SSAC (Security and Stability Advisory Committee)

    • Igor Kruiper

      Igor Kruiper

      Principal Engineer at PwC UK

    • Kevin Gannon

      Kevin Gannon

      Principal Engineer at PwC UK

    • John Edge

      John Edge

      Co-Founder & Chairman of Identity 2020
      Cofounder & Managing Partner of PTB Holdings

    • Patrick Deegan

      Patrick Deegan

      Chief Architect Open Mustard Seed
      CTO Digital Identity Security Company (DISC)

    • Kiara Robles

      Kiara Robles

      Creator of blockchainMe,
      PGP identity on the blockchain

    • Christian Lundkvist

      Christian Lundkvist

      uPort Digital Identity and Wallet System Engineer at ConsenSys

    • George Samman

      George Samman

      Co-founder of BTC.sx
      Committee Chair Blockchain and Financial Services at Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
      Head of Blockchain Design & Integration
      at Meeco.me

    • Joe Andrieu

      Joe Andrieu

      Creator of the Standard Information Sharing Label
      Principal Engineer at First Person Consulting

    • Jon Geater

      Jon Geater

      Chief Technology Officer, Thales e-Security

    • Gary Zimmerman

      Gary Zimmerman

      CMO for the Respect Network

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    Further Reading

    The complete documentation of the previous event is available in the github repository, including photos, drafts, and graphic output.