Past Events

We have published 56 white papers on the future of decentralized trust and self-sovereign identity across 9 design workshop events and held 1 virtual salon.

RWOT Virtual Salon: Decentralized Identity & Privacy — February 2021


Privacy for decentralized identity must support the full range of social collaboration: individuals, life partners, families, small firms, corporations, communities of interest, neighborhoods, nation-states, and other forms of association. No matter how ephemeral or long-lived these collaborations, we need solutions that safely enable all forms of individuals acting alone or in concert. For example, a group of friends should be able to plan and pay for a vacation using any number of services, without sharing usernames and passwords, revealing unnecessary information, or being subject to undue bureaucracy.

RWOT X — Cancelled, 2020

Virtual Papers:
  • Quantum Secure DIDs

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