The #RebootingWebOfTrust community is part of a global movement whose goal is to influence the future of decentralized trust and self-sovereign identity through the establishment and promotion of decentralized identity schemes. This is done via the creation of white papers and specifications and through public presentations of these ideas.

Intended Audience

Each three day event is intended for developers, cryptographers, and research-related staff who are heavily involved in building the current infrastructure of Web of Trust tools. Experienced cryptographic developers are the core contributors for this workshop. Other developers are also welcome to submit a paper in advance of the Design Shop for a possible invite.

Potential Topics Include:

  • Decentralized identifiers
  • Formats for verifiable credentials & attribute certificates
  • Identity keys & wallets
  • Reputation and trust metrics
  • Using blockchains with identity
  • Privacy requirements & GDPR
  • Selective disclosure cryptography
  • Use cases and deployment
  • Self-validating scripts in certificates, aka “smart signatures” certification that's unbundled from revocation