What is Web-Of-Trust

The Web of Trust is a buzzword for a new model of decentralized self-sovereign identity. It’s a phrase that dates back almost twenty-five years, the classic definition derives from PGP. But some use it as a term to include self-sovereign identity authentication & verification, certificate validation, and reputation assessment, while the vibrant blockchain community is also drawing new attention to the concept we aim to reboot it.

Past Events

All documentation for the event is open source on GitHub
  • 2016 Website and Repository
  • 2015 Website and Repository
  • Future Goals

    At each Rebooting the Web of Trust event we collaboratively create white papers and specifications on topics that will have the greatest impact on the future of self-sovereign identity.

    More details on the upcoming September 2016 are coming soon.

    The complete documentation of the previous event is available in the github repository, including photos, drafts, and graphic output.