The best way to get involved in Rebooting the Web of Trust is to attend a design workshop. Here’s the current status of our next event:

RWOT13 will be October 7-11, 2024 in Ventura, California. Write up an advance reading and register on Eventbrite.

We welcome a wide variety of people to our events, with the other thing needed being an interest in decentralized identity and related topics. Attendees include engineers and developers, but also people who are interested in these technologies but don’t have technical knowledge. We’ve had great white papers produced on both non-technical topics such as use cases and legal overviews and very technical topics such as the original specs that led to DIDs. They’ve all been crucial to the advancement of our community, so we hope you’ll be comfortable attending no matter your level of technical expertise; the important thing is an interest in our shared goals of independence and self-sovereignty in the digital world.

If you’re not yet ready to sign up for a workshop, then we invite you to email us and/or sign up for our email list.

You can email the leadership team at

You can volunteer to help the event by emailing the coordinators at

You can join our mailing list at: