Rebooting the Web of Trust isn’t a traditional convention. Instead, it’s a unique design workshop where you’ll collaborate with peers to imagine the next generation of decentralized identity on the internet.

Here’s some more on what makes RWOT unlike any other professional event that you’ve attended:

  • Facilitated Collaboration. Participants will actively work together, brainstorming and discussing topics under the guidance of experienced facilitators before creating solutions together.
  • Concrete Deliverables. The ultimate goal at RWOT is to produce papers, code, and other shared artifacts identifying new designs, new options, and new possibilities in the decentralized ecosystem. This work should be mostly completed during the event, with publication afterward then allowing a larger community to benefit from our insights.
  • Intense Work. Following an introduction on Monday evening, participants will spend most of the week working together in small groups to develop, write, and refine their deliberables. This concentrated effort leads to significant progress and output in a short period of time.
  • Expert Participants. RWOT attracts experts and thought leaders from various fields related to decentralized identity, blockchain, cryptography, and security, not just software engineers. This diversity of perspectives fosters innovation and ensures thoughtful and diverse deliverables.
  • Interactive Environment. Though RWOT is focused on producing a deliverable, there’s also plenty of time for relaxed and informal discussions, both amidst the workshop and at coordinated dinners throughout the week. This atmosphere promotes networking and relationship building among participants, which leads to future collaborations.
  • Flexible Structure. The facilitated workshop format is adaptive, with the agenda and topics emerging from the participants’ interests and priorities. We never know what topics will capture participants’ interests until we see them emerge during our early facilitation! This flexibility allows for a highly relevant and engaging experience.
  • Limited Scope. RWOT is designed to address specific and current challenges in the decentralized identity and trust space rather than attempting to cover a broader range of topics. This scope results in more in-depth discussions and tangible outputs.

We hope you’ll join us to ensure that your unique expertise is part of the next RWOT workshop!