This coming Thursday, we will be gathering online to celebrate the final publication of six papers from last September’s Rebooting the Web of Trust in The Hague (with the seventh to come shortly!).

Teams will be presenting their papers along with a brief Q&A.

Please join us on Zoom at Thursday April 13th, 9:00am - 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time (12 noon to 1:30 EDT, 6pm-7:30pm CEST). You can receive the URL for the Zoom by querying on our Signal channel:


  • Composing Credentials via LinkedClaims and Cryptographic Binding (Text)
    • (Presenter: Undetermined,Team: Phillip D. Long, Dmitri Zagidulin, and Golda Velez)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: We propose a mechanism, LinkedClaims between an existing object (another VC, PDF, webpage, etc.), optionally using a cryptographic binding, to represent third-party assertions. We further show how to compose several VCs into a single domain-specific credential using a LinkedClaims vocabulary.
  • Identifier Binding: defining the Core of Holder Binding (Text)
    • (Presenter: Paul Bastian & Oliver Terbu, Team: Paul Bastian, Rieks Joosten, Zaïda Rivai, Oliver Terbu, Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin, Antonio Antonino, Nikos Fotiou, Stephen Curran, and Ahamed Azeem)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the contentious issue of 'holder binding' in the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model and proposes a terminology to clarify the discussion. It also presents an analysis of a use-case indicating that verifiers don't need to know who the holder is, but rather need capabilities to identify the subject and determine if two subject identifiers refer to the same entity. Lastly, the paper proposes a new property for VCs/VPs that provides verifiers with these necessary capabilities.
  • Linking Credentials with Data Exchange Agreements through Secured Inclusive Interfaces
    • (Presenter: Lal Chandran & Philippe Page, Team: Lal Chandran, Lotta Lundin, Fredrik Lindén, Philippe Page, Paul Knowles, Víctor Martínez Jurado, Andrew Slack)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: This paper revisits the issue of patient data exchange in a setting requiring cross-border, multi-jurisdiction, and inclusive access to all participants. It does so by outlining existing solutions and presenting the contributions of the DEXA and OCA protocols toward the solution.
  • On-chain Identity Proof Verification Design Patterns: An Evaluation of Different Strategies to Inject Digital Identity into Decentralized Applications (Text)
    • (Presenter: Undetermined, Team: Juan Caballero, Martin Riedel, Egidio Casati, Robert Mao, Fabrice Rochette, Andrea Scorza, Raphael Roullet)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: A comparative analysis of various architectures for layering KYC/AML-type “off-line” policy enforcement mechanisms onto blockchain-based financial operations, i.e. DeFi. The analysis includes many non-DID/VC technologies, but strives to balance the pragmatic/business considerations with the RWOT community’s ethical and privacy imperatives for an objective comparison across paradigms.
  • Taking out the CRUD: Five Fabulous DID Attacks (Text)
    • (Presenter: Cihan Saglam, Team: Shannon Appelcline, Cihan Saglam, Kate Sills, Carsten Stöcker)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: The paper explores various attack vectors targeting DID methods, aiming to support engineers and developers in creating robust and compliant decentralized identity solutions. By analyzing a selection of existing DID methods, we seek to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in a broader context.
  • Verifiable Issuers & Verifiers (Text)
    • (Presenter: Konstantin Tsabolov, Team: Manu Sporny, Oskar van Deventer, Isaac Henderson Johnson Jeyakumar, Shigeya Suzuki, Konstantin Tsabolov, Line Kofoed, Rieks Joosten)
    • SHORT ABSTRACT: The paper discusses how a party can determine whether to engage in a transaction with a counterparty and aims to facilitate sharing of a list of Verifiable Issuers and Verifiers that can be useful for a particular transaction. Use cases, requirements, and looks at current solutions further fill out the problem space.

We are also tentatively hoping for a presentation on the Credential Profile Comparison Matrix paper (and the matrix!), which is undergoing final edits and layout, but otherwise done.

Don’t forget to also save the date for #RWOT12 in Cologne, Germany, September 18-22, 2023!

— Christopher Allen & the RWOT Team