The full event summary of our first RWOT Virtual Salon, on “Decentralized Identity & Privacy”, is now available at the RWOT website.

The summary includes an overview of the event, both how it was run and what we discussed. That includes the group statement that we agreed upon, to offer our point of view on decentralized identity & privacy:

“Privacy for decentralized identity must support the full range of social collaboration: individuals, life partners, families, small firms, corporations, communities of interest, neighborhoods, nation-states, and other forms of association.

“No matter how ephemeral or long-lived these collaborations, we need solutions that safely enable all forms of individuals acting alone or in concert.

“For example, a group of friends should be able to plan and pay for a vacation using any number of services, without sharing usernames and passwords, revealing unnecessary information, or being subject to undue bureaucracy.

“This is a joint statement from contributors at the Decentralized Identity & Privacy 2021 salon, organized by Rebooting the Web of Trust http:/”

Two graphics further reveal the topics discussed at the workshop, but see our full summary for more information.