Thanks to everyone who attended RWOT11 in The Hague this week! The event was a resounding success! We brought together 70 experts interested in decentralized identity, self-sovereign protection of assets, and other applications of the Web of Trust for a week and began work on a set of white papers that we hope will influence the future of these technologies.

Thanks to all of our participants, as Rebooting the Web of Trust ultimately depends on the globe-spanning collaboration of its attendees. Thanks also to everyone who made the workshop happen, including:

  • RWOT Board of Directors: Christopher Allen, Joe Andrieu, Erica Connell.
  • RWOT11 Coordination Team: Will Abramson, Christopher Allen, Joe Andrieu, Shannon Appelcline, Erica Connell, Eric Schuh, Carsten Stöcker.
  • Workshop Credits: Will Abramson (Producer), Christopher Allen (Founder), Shannon Appelcline (Editor-in-Chief), Erica Connell (Host), Amy Guy (Ombudsperson), Willemijn Lambert (Graphic Recorder), Eric Schuh (Ombudsperson), Carsten Stöcker (Co-Producer, Demo Organizer), Dorothy Zablah (Facilitator).

Coming out of the workshop, we have 15 white papers in process. Take a look at our Draft Documents README for a listing of what we’re working on, and watch the Final Documents README for the papers as we publish them, which should occur over the next several months.